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Pizzeria On Wheels is a small family owned catering business that frankly makes the best pizza on the planet.  In 2020, they approached us with their vision and ideas and asked us to help them with refreshing their brand.

For them, it all began on a hot summer day in 2016, when Stefan built his first pizza clay oven in their country side garden, switched on some Italian music and invited friends to simply have a good time. With hunger for more, he and a friend built their first clay oven at a local festival. It was built on an old overland cable roll with 1 ton of clay and was a huge success. It simply broke Stefan's heart to take down the oven after the festival, so the idea to put it on a trailer was born.

We wanted their brand to reflect on those moments, take their unique experience to people wherever they are, make them dream wherever.

"We felt involved during the whole project and enjoyed this way of working. 5 days after launch, our new brand film had 7500 organic views on Facebook alone and we feel confident to expand our business." - Stefan Freytag (


Idea Sparring

Video Moodcut

Sound Designed Screenplay

Photo Production

Film Production

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