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Axopar is on the constant outlook for stories reflecting on their adventure driven company mindset. In 2021, we approached them with an idea on doing a story about wingsurfing, the fastest growing watersport in the world. The fact that this sport can be experienced while living on board of their Axopar 37 boats made it the perfect adventure to be told.

Our aim was to create a visual experience driven by an authentic story that builds instant human connection, puts focus on people and their adventure rather than products. We wanted to capture that warm summer feel with a touch of nostalgia. A mix of controlled and authentic, unpolished shots, that will make viewers feel that they are part of the adventure, make them realise that Axopar boats can make those unique and unforgettable moments possible.

"We wanted this adventure to be different, try something new. The visual prototyping allowed us to experience the story before the actual shoot and gave us control of the storyline without limiting the creative outcome. We are very happy with the videos and photos Humblehunter created for us." - Niklas Frank (


Video Moodcut

Sound Designed Screenplay

Photo Production

Film Production

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